Short Fiction

Teaching Machines – Short Édition, October 2019

Corporate Interests – Kzine Issue 25, September 2019

Ten Utterances of the Vampire Word – Fireside Magazine, January 2019

The Last Siren Sings – Making Monsters: An Anthology of Classical Monsters, 2018

The Memory Jar – The Colored Lens #29, October 2018

The Exiles and the Stateless – Asymmetry, July 2018

We Are Alone – Asymmetry, April 2018

Lies About Your Better Self – The Colored Lens #25, Autumn 2017

Video Games

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine – Dim Bulb Games, 2018
Contributing Writer

Other Work

Newsjack – BBC Radio 4 Extra, October 2019

Newsjack – BBC Radio 4 Extra, February 2019

VIPER ONE: Countervalue – Novella Co-authored with Richard Swan, 2017

Myths & Legends: Heroes in Kind – Litro Magazine, April 2015


George Lockett is a London-based writer of fiction and video games. His short fiction has appeared in such places as Fireside Magazine, The Colored Lens, and Making Monsters: A Speculative and Classical Anthology. He wrote for award-winning narrative video game Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, a bleak and occult American folk tale set in the Depression.

When he’s not making up tales of mischievous ghosts or flesh-hungry, triple-headed birds, he can be found on Twitter @mastergeorge, lurking on the web, and in his weekly technoanxiety newsletter.